Help Tips

Using the search facility.

Key the information you are looking for into the search field. As you key, all relevant results are displayed in the drop down.

To search again, just key in the new criteria and the new results will be displayed.

Simply click on the result you are interested in. The information is broken into 4 areas:

Category: Clicking a 'Category' result will list all companies listed under it.

Listing: A listed company, select to retrieve the listing.

Key Contact: A contact name within a listing, select to retrieve the listing.


Search Results.

Enhanced listings are given priority and appear at the top of the results list. Basic listings appear below and run A to Z. Navigate through the search results using the 'Next', 'Prev', 'First' and 'Last' buttons.

Each listing includes one or both of the following icons.


The preview icon appears if the listing includes more information. Click the icon to preview within the search results. Click the company name to view the full listing.


Click the Clipboard Icon to keep the listing on your clipboard.


Using the Map.

When you select a search result, the information is retrieved and two tabs are displayed.

Show List: This option displays the search results in a text format. Navigate through the search results using the 'Next', 'Prev', 'First' and 'Last' buttons.

Show Map: This option displays a map with the search results flagged. Enhanced listings are flagged in red. Click on the Flag to retrieve the listing.

The search results are also displayed under the 'Navigation Map' tab. Click on a name in the list to reveal its location on the map.

Searching in the 'Show Map' view will display the search results on the map.


Need More Help?

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